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PacStar 451 Small Server Module

The PacStar 451 Small Server Module provides a high performance virtualised appliance for hosting multiple software applications in a compact, quick setup, rugged form factor.

Designed for in-theatre communications, executive communications, vehicle-mount, entry or forward operating base deployments, the PacStar 451 meets size, weight, and power requirements unmatched by other COTS appliances.

The PacStar 451 is available with a wide variety of pre-loaded, pre-secured, and pre-qualified software applications appropriate for use in the tactical communication applications including:

  • WAN acceleration.

  • Unified communications.

  • Video transcoding.

  • Network routing/switching.

  • VPN gateway.

  • Traffic filtering firewall.

The PacStar 451 is available in a variety of configurations with Intel 4th or 5th generation Core i5/i7 and Xeon processing platforms in both dual-core and quad-core variants.

Flexible I/O options let you select the right configuration for your needs. The physical package utilises the PacStar 400-Series standard module footprint and offers the best in small size, flexible power, and environmental ruggedness.

Learn more, download the 451 Small Server Module datasheet.

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