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PacStar 444 Small GigE Switch Module

PacStar 444 enables networking for a wide variety of edge-based C4ISR, cybersecurity,
sensor, IoT, computing and storage applications - connecting multiple devices to mission-critical tactical, ground-vehicle and aircraft-mounted communications networks deployed in the field.


PacStar 444 is ideal for use in environments requiring specialized form-factor, size, weight, power, port-density, port-media and ruggedized communications needs. Designed from the ground up to provide flexible deployment, configuration and setup options, PacStar 444 can be used as follows:

• Included in a modular, flexible system comprised of PacStar 400-Series modules, mounted in a variety of packaging and transport options solutions

• In snap-together configurations with the other PacStar 400-Series modules including switches, servers and gateways

• To provide high speed switching infrastructure between servers and storage devices performing data intensive tasks in expeditionary settings

• As standalone switch module

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