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ZeroAlpha Solutions Expands Expeditionary Energy Offering Through ‘GREENS’

8th September 2017 – CARDIFF, UK – ZeroAlpha Solutions (ZeroAlpha) today announced that it is expanding its expeditionary energy offering, with plans to take the in service US Marine Corps ‘GREENS’ system to the UK and European defence market.

The announcement follows the company being awarded exclusive European partner status by U.S. developer and manufacturer, UEC Electronics, LLC (UEC).

GREENS, UEC’s Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network System, replaces traditional fuel-fired generators by collecting solar energy and converting it into useable power.

One GREENS will provide up to 1kW of power. Excess solar energy is stored in high energy density battery systems (HEDBS) for use when solar energy is insufficient. The GREENS HEDBS is safe, and has been approved as UN/DOT Class 9 tested for commercial shipment.

Focused on increasing operational duration for expeditionary and Special Forces, while reducing logistical footprint, cost and risk on supply chain, GREENS is the prefect addition to ZeroAlpha’s portfolio.

Originally developed as a US Marine Corps (USMC) Program of Record, the system is light weight, man portable and fast to deploy, taking just 20 minutes by an untrained user. Return on Investment is also swift, GREENS saved the USMC fuel, money and reduced the frequency of resupply missions in a matter of months.

Owner of ZeroAlpha, Stewart Burton, commented, “We’re looking to harness the success US forces have achieved using GREENS in Europe. Creating a longer lasting mission, reducing dependency on traditional power generation systems, while removing transportation challenges”.

On the selection of ZeroAlpha as its European partner, David Modeen, President at UEC commented “We are very excited about our exclusive relationship with ZeroAlpha Solutions.  Following our longstanding success in fielding GREENS with the USMC and our first significant order in support of the US Army, we are confident that our partnership with ZeroAlpha will generate significant growth opportunities across the European defence market”.

Interested parties can learn more about GREENS via ZeroAlpha’s website. There is also an opportunity to see the system live in action at this year’s DSEI event, where the ZeroAlpha team will be exhibiting on stand N4-175. Meetings can be arranged in advance by emailing

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