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EMILY 3000 Spaces Desert Use_2

SFC EMILY 3000 Methanol Fuel Cell

EMILY 3000 was developed based on experience and user feedback regarding the successful EMILY 2200 fuel cell generator.

In comparison to EMILY 2200, nominal power output has increased about 35 % to a maximum of 125 Watt output with up to 3Kwh of energy available over a 24hr period.

One of the most important new features of EMILY 3000 is its new charging flexibility. In addition to conventional batteries, the fully ruggedised fuel cell generator also charges modern lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries.

EMILY 3000 can be connected to SFC Power Manager 3G and therefore function as charging device for up to 4 batteries simultaneously.


Learn more, download the EMILY 3000 datasheet.

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