PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post

PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post as shown provides transport for access to a single secure network. The solution is configurable (with additional equipment) to provide transport for multiple classified networks (including networks of different levels of classification up to Top Secret) over a single wireless infrastructure.

Secure Wireless Command Post (Wi-Fi) is based on PacStar 400-Series small form factor platform. The PacStar 400-Series modular platform is designed to maximize capabilities with the smallest SWaP possible, and is customizable and configurable to meet other NSA CSfC capability packages including MA CP (with LTE or other radio types) and MSC CP.


It can also be configured to optimally serve a wide range of team sizes, and can also be customized with additional software and NFV solutions to ensure interoperability with existing customer infrastructure.

PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post is managed by PacStar IQ-Core® Crypto Manager, which simplifies system CSfC setup, configuration, certificate
authority requests and VPN management.