Battle Proven Hybrid Power Solutions

UEC Overview

ZeroAlpha Solutions is the sole supplier of UEC’s hybrid power systems to the UK and European defence markets.​

Developed and delivered as against challenging US DoD requirements UEC combat proven enrgy system saves fuel, money and reduces the frequency of resupply mission with their associated human risks.

Why Hybrid Energy?

  • ​Reduce operating costs

  • Provides energy security for early entry forces

  • Delivers energy security in zero-infrastructure environments from 1-15Kw outputs, including 3 Phase systems

  • Can be used as a completely renewable solution or in a hybrid configuration with a generator

  • Modular and can be deployed quickly, in approximately 20 minutes by an untrained user

  • Delivers a rapid return on investment in months


UEC Products

Learn more about UEC’s products:


Rugged Edge Renewable Power 1000W Solution saves fuel, money, and reduces the need for generators.

TEHP 3.5kW
TEHP 3.5kW

The 3.5kW Power Management System optimises power from generators, renewable resources, and batteries to produce clean continuous AC and DC power for remote electronic systems.


This 300 watt solution is light, compact, and rugged.

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