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SFC EFOY ProEnergyBox

The EFOY ProEnergyBox has been developed for use in all climate scenarios at temperatures from - 40 °C to + 50 °C (- 40 °F to + 122 °F).

One EFOY Pro fuel cell generator, up to three batteries, a solar charge controller and two M28 fuel cartridges can be integrated into the EFOY ProEnergyBox. A long autonomy without any user intervention is warranted.

Thanks to effective temperature regulation, the heat given off by the EFOY Pro fuel cell generator can be used in sub-zero temperatures to keep the energy solution warm and also prevent the battery and the electronics inside from freezing. An effective heat conduction system has been implemented for high ambient temperature environments in order to protect the components inside the box from heat.

The EFOY ProEnergyBox provides enough space for customer-specific installations, is hybrid compatible and ideal as a back-up or extension for solar energy systems.

Learn more, download the EFOY ProEnergyBox datasheet.

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