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Methanol Fuel Cells
Reliable off-grid power whenever required

SFC Energy Overview

ZeroAlpha Solutions is proud to be the exclusive supplier of SFC fuel cells to the UK defence and security markets.

Providing reliable off-grid power wherever and whenever you need it, this award winning technology delivers a sustainable, self-generating power solution for expeditionary and deployed operations.

SFC Energy Products

We supply the complete range of SFC solutions to meet defence and security power needs:

Why SFC fuel cells?

  • Lightweight and compact: Due to their small size, SFC fuel cells can be carried by one person.

  • Quiet: SFC fuel cells generate hardly any detectable signature. They are the ideal solution for covert and tactical power supply scenarios, working without detectable vibration, noise, exhaust or heat.


  • Safe use: SFC fuel cells are environmentally friendly and contain no hazardous components.

  • Long autonomy: SFC fuel cells allow soldiers to transport a lot of power with very little weight and volume.

  • Remote Monitoring: SFC fuel cells can be monitored remotely. Users are informed when a fuel cartridge needs to be replaced.

  • Environmentally friendly: SFC fuel cells produce no harmful emissions and can be safely operated inside vehicles and closed rooms.


Learn more about SFC Energy, contact us.

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