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Unified Voice Management System (UVMS)


ZeroAlpha Solutions are the Exclusive European partner for SCI Technology and their TOCNET Unified Voice Managment system

The Next Generation of Tactical Communication

TOCNET®-Generation 4 is SCI Technology’s most advanced Unified Voice Management System (UVMS) to date. Leveraging SCI’s latest innovations for increased performance and dramatically reduced Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) and costs, TOCNET-G4 is ideal for virtually any expeditionary operation, whether at the halt or on the move. With superior capabilities and adaptable, future-proof technology, TOCNET-G4 is both a command post and vehicle intercommunication system in a single, powerful package.

Superior Capabilities, Reduced Costs

In developing TOCNET-G4, SCI drew on extensive customer feedback to craft a platform that outperforms the competition while cutting costs and reducing space requirements. The result is a versatile, refined system that delivers both exceptional communications capabilities and significant SWaP advantages.

Future-Proof Technology

TOCNET-G4 isn’t just the most powerful system of its kind on the market today. Thanks to SCI’s ongoing commitment to innovation, it will remain a future-proof communications solution for years to come. Inspired by the wide-ranging functionality of commercial plug-and-play technologies, TOCNET-G4 utilizes the operational adaptability of Multifunction Interfaces (MFIFs) to offer unrivaled flexibility and longevity in the tactical environment.

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