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FOBLite Tactical Lighting Systems

FOBLite is the ZeroAlpha Range of tactical lighting systems that are easy to deploy and have minimal energy consumption.  Designed to reduce the associated logistics tail and energy consumption of current systems the FOBLite range provides a SWAP-Centric approach to tactical lighting.

FOBLite HQ provides a lightweight, low energy illumination system for field headquarters.  With controllable illumination levels and options for both GREEN or WHITE lighting the FOBLite HQ can be pre-installed in structures to reduce set up times.  Drawing on 40w of energy the FOBLite HQ can be powered from global AC sources of from in-service military BB2590/5590 batteries.

FOBLite 360 is our handheld system with integrated energy storage to provide up to 8 hrs of high power continuous use.  This unit can be elevated to a maximum of 4.5m with an additional tripod.  Recharging the system can be achieved in multiple way such as AC charging, 12/24v vehicle charging or even from adaptors to transfer energy from in-service military batteries.

FOBLite 360 MAX is our AC based system providing up to 85,000 lumens of illumination from as little as 600w energy consumption.  Available in either 120 or 240v options this system has a smart energy transfer system to allow for daisy chaining of multiple systems or to provide extra power to additional demands from a single AC input.

With over 200 systems delivered to UK and International users, FOBLite is the next generation of tactical lighting systems. 

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