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PacStar 463 RoIP/Voice Module

The PacStar 463 extends IP voice services to remote LMR radio networks, a capability commonly known as Radio over IP.


The 463 module provides LMR-to-IP data conversion, interoperability between different radio types, radio cross-banding, and remote radio control over IP, in a small form factor, rugged module.

When combined with other PacStar 400-Series modules, PacStar 463 will bridge gaps between IP-based communications networks and LMR tactical radio networks – providing comprehensive, tactical and mobile interoperability solutions. PacStar 463 supports up to four radio networks simultaneously. It converts E&M signals to IP, and provides cross-banding and radio control through industry standard RJ45 and RS-232 interfaces. PacStar 463 is based on proven, software defined technology adapted from SCI TOCNET G4 – deployed in thousands of systems and over 50 major global defense programs.

The module provides high quality voice and gateway services including analog (voice and PTT) audio and IP voice control and networking. The all-in-one solution includes:

  • Radio and Intercom switching

  • Radio switches (e.g. Wave Media Server).

  • SIP switches (e.g. Cisco Unified Communications Manager).

  • Any IP-based network.

The PacStar 463 is designed to work standalone, or in conjunction with the PacStar 400-series of communications modules.

Learn more, download the 463 RoIP Module datasheet.

PacStar 463 Module.jpg
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